Collage — analogue + digital — has long been my visual media of choice and became the graphic theme I brought to all my record covers. For the release of Trust and the High Wire (2018) I took the visuals a step further, creating a collage for each song and framing them for exhibit at the release performance. I bound the images, with lyrics and a narrative poem, in a thirty-six page Art Book.

Many years of creating my own promo sharpened my abilities in layout and typography, and my passion for design. Eventually I began to create packaging, promo materials, and websites for other artists, non-profits and small businesses, leading to continued education and further work in graphic design.

for queens of broken hearts still in the game

for queens of broken hearts still in the game


music packaging

trust front photo .png
new portfolio_THW.png
new portfolio_TDL.png
new portfolio_RB.png


new portfolio_GD.png

logos + icons

leaf cycle.png
faith's logo.png


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Living Green-01.png
Living Green-02.png