War Years, a live performance with film, from the debut performance of Po^tion: Warning Signs, at Furstwurld, Joshua Tree, California 3.4.17. Music and Film © Myshkin Warbler

A Future Still Possible, Abstract film created as an installation piece for the Haunted Art House show at Center St. Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA, 11.3.2018. Music and Film © Myshkin Warbler

My Friend, Myshkin with Danny Frankel on drums & Damian Lester on Bass. Filmed live at Harrison House Music Arts & Ecology in Joshua Tree, California on 12.4.15. Mysic and film @ Myshkin Warbler

A solo show at the Fisch Haus, on the satellite dish amplified stage, Wichita KS. 4.11.12. All songs © Myshkin Warbler except Since I Fell For You © Buddy Johnson. Audio and Video by Torin.

Drunk, from the record Corvidae, recorded in Portland, Oregon, released 2004. Video created with Sailor Banks, featuring footage from adventures in Cappadocia, Turkey!