Collage has long been Myshkin’s visual media of choice and became the graphic theme she brought to all her record covers. For the release of Trust and the High Wire (2108) she took the visuals a step further. She creating a collage for each song, framing them for exhibit at the release performance, and binding them in a thirty-six page Art Book with lyrics, and a poem running through the book that provides the framework for the story that the songs are based on.


Many years of creating her own promo materials honed her abilities in layout and typography, and eventually Myshkin began to create packaging, promo materials, and websites for other artists, non-profits and small businesses. She is currently enrolled in graphic design courses, bringing her skills in adobe design software to a professional level.

Trust art book collages

Graphic design portfolio

for queens of broken hearts still in the game

for queens of broken hearts still in the game