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New Orleans schooled, gypsy spirited, endlessly curious, Myshkin Warbler is a rare bird among songwriters, creating darkly joyous, compellingly complex songs, work that slips under the skin and stays there. Literate, political, heartbreaking, soulbuilding, eclectic as hell.

Sad, smart and weird...with a restless, caterwauling freedom.
—Village Voice

Both lyrical and politically pointed. A rich blend topped with her broad-ranging, keening voice.
—Washington Post

Her nine solo records travel though raw-folk, gypsy-swing, torchjazz, punk-poetry, desert-blues, and electronic post-rock—hot and cool tones balanced inside restless explorations. And always: filmic writing, hypnotic melodies, increasingly nuanced singing.


Myshkin’s career spans two and a half decades of writing and recording, performance, production and collaboration—touring The U.S and Canada, Europe and Australia restlessly, and soaking up the cultures of the remarkable places she has called home. Raised in a musical household in the Midwest by recent Dutch immigrants, she studied theater until wanderlust bit, then spent her early adulthood writing songs, living in tipis, school buses and barrios, working every kind of job, and wandering the U.S. and Europe, before stealing a name from a Russian novel and landing in Louisiana in 1993.

Schooled by the living history of New Orleans for a decade, Myshkin was a central figure of the city's acoustic and alternative scenes in the 90's and early 00's. Touring relentlessly with her then-partner Mike West, playing over 300 shows a year, she made five records of her own material and guested on many more, and was honored with several New Orleans music industry awards and nominations. In 2001 she formed  Myshkin's Ruby Warblers, with John Lutz on upright bass and Scott Magee on drums. Their first record, Rosebud Bullets (2002), a gypsy chanteuse rock farewell to New Orleans, was assumed by many to be her breakthrough, with critical accolades and spots on many of year's top ten lists, including the New Orleans Picayune and the Village Voice.

Myshkin moved to Portland, OR in 2002 in search of new sonic inspirations and a more progressive political climate. During her five years in Portland she worked in partnership with the electronic musician Sailor Banks (aka Sugar Short Wave), whose modernizing influence can be heard on the records they made together: Corvidae (2004) and especially Sigh Semaphore (2006). In 2008 Myshkin left the city to co-found a permaculture community in the mountains of Southern Oregon, where she hand built an earth-walled studio in which  the heady and hypnotic That Diamond Lust  (2012) was made.

Her migrations have finally landed her in the beautiful Mojave, where she lives with her wife, the herbalist and cellist Jenny Q, and their daughter in the artists’ hideout of Joshua Tree, California, finding in the eclectic local population a well of support for her explorations of ever more theatrical endeavors, satires and circuses.

The past few years have seen the creation of the Royal Rabble Circus, Po^tion: Warning Signs, Trust and the High Wire, and continued work on Soledad, a musical based on the poetic work of Federico Garcia Lorca. Truly an independent artist, Myshkin's music has touched listeners one show and recording at a time, slowly brewing a far-flung, dedicated following.


Trust and the High Wire — Myshkin Warbler — DoubleSalt 2018
That Diamond Lust — Myshkin's Ruby Warblers — DoubleSalt 2012
Sigh Semaphore — Myshkin's Ruby Warblers — DoubleSalt 2006
Corvidae — Myshkin's Ruby Warblers — DoubleSalt 2004
Rosebud Bullets — Myshkin's Ruby Warblers — DoubleSalt 2002
Why do all the Country Girls Leave? — Myshkin — Binky 2000
Blue Gold — Myshkin — Binky 1998
Dr. Plague and Other Lullabies — Myshkin Impossible — Wreckit 1995
Slate — Myshkin — Wreckit 1993