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Trust and the High Wire

Eight new compositions form a narrative of a remarkable true story, of finding and growing love though extraordinary hardship. A rich, spooky collection colored by soul/jazz and folk/rock, balancing on the fine thread between longing and trust.

Potent, approachable songs, Ms. Warbler’s signature pristine production, and stellar performances by a crew of local legends combine to create a record that feels like an instant classic.

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THE STORY .. Trust · Together


In January of 2014, Joshua Tree’s beloved local herbalist, owner of the village apothecary, and music devotee, Jenny Q, fell into septic shock. During her six days in a coma and six months in the ICU, her fiancee Myshkin, having just arrived in the desert and still a stranger to Jenny’s life, wrote spells for songs, and helped channel the community’s potent energies toward her healing.

Four years later, Jenny has re-learned to walk—and dance—on prosthetic legs, and has completed Held Together, a raw and revealing book about her experience. The close-knit desert community of Joshua Tree takes center stage in this raw, revealing, experimental work, as Jenny collages her insightful writing around actual accounts and love letters from friends and family, that tell the tale from an outside perspective. Jenny Q’s own writings provide a fascinating, intimate window into a range of rare experiences.

Myshkin wrote the songs on Trust and the High Wire from her own vantage on the same journey, deep in the dream: from the couple’s first meeting, through the treacherous high wire days, and back to dry land, forever changed. The eclectic, migratory artist found a warm welcome and a deep well of musical talent in the Mojave. With local luminaries Danny Frankel, Damian Lester, Bobby Furgo, Lucio Menegon, Kelly Corbin, Scott "Drago" Kisinger, Gar Robertson, Chris Unck, and Jenny Q. herself, and long time collaborators Sailor and Felicia Banks, she has created a lush record colored by soul, jazz, folk and rock, and defined by her heady poems and one of a kind voice.

Myshkin brought further dimension to the record by creating a piece of visual art for each song, The pieces hung at the Joshua Tree opening show, and are combined with the song lyrics and a narrative poem in a 36 page 8x8 art book which includes audio download.


Trust and the High Wire and Held Together were  released by DoubleSalt on June 1, 2018. To celebrate the good fortune of finishing both projects at the same time, Myshkin and Jenny created Trust.Together, a live show that pulls the two works together on stage into one performance piece.

Trust.Together debuted at the Harrison House in Joshua Tree on June 9, 2018, with an eight piece band and thirteen readers. A theatrical adaptation is in the discussion stage, and Jenny and Myshkin toured a potent stripped down version on the West Coast in July/August 2018.